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Indigenous Tour of Israel

September 18th to October 10th, 2023

Why an Indigenous Tour?

Every nation needs to understand their relationship to The Land and the People of Israel.

The Indigenous peoples of Australia have several advantages in connecting to Israel.  They understand connection to country, family lines, clan relationships, stories and heritage better than many nations.

They connect in a different way to the Nation of Israel.

The better Indigenous people understand God's original plan for their nation the better able they are to walk in the identity and authority God created for them.

Why a Chronological Tour?

The nation of Israel is a tiny, diverse piece of land which embeds rich layers of history of over 6000 years. If you travelled across her for a decade you would still not see everything, much less understand it all.

Most of us don’t get the chance to go and live in The Land for a decade, so we need to absorb what we can in bite-sized pieces.

Moving through Israel through a chronological timeline allows the whole story of the Bible and Israel's history to make sense.

You will follow the sequence journey of God's own people. Modern-day Israel can be better understood once you have experienced her history.

Why an Irreligious Tour?

Israel is one of the most religious regions on earth; home to three world religions all competing for dominance and a voice.

With this tour we will go below the external religious chatter and touch the very core of The Land.  We will connect with the deep truth revealed in this region. This takes time.

This tour allows time to really feel the land. We have kept the cost low so that you can experience 18 days at the same price many other tours charge for ten.

Every visit to the Holy Land should:

  • Inform your faith in God – get to know Him in a bigger way
  • Help Scripture come alive - both the Old and the New Testaments
  • Fill you with a deeper honour and love for God
  • Help you hear and understand Him better 
  • Stir your senses and change you
  • Inspire you to walk confidently in your destiny

What you experience in The Land should stay deeply embedded in you when return home to your own homeland.

I have been on many tours in Israel which didn’t achieve these things. I have travelled through The Land nine times and been on more than a dozen tours. I have learned a lot about what works and what does not.

A Unique Tour

This tour is the combined result of all these experiences, plus real input from connected locals!

If this is your ONLY trip to Israel - let us give you a logical, full experience that changes you forever.

If this is your FIRST trip to Israel - let us help you build a solid and personal foundation for future trips.

If you have been to Israel before - let us pull it all together for you and take you to another level of understanding.

Tour Itinerary

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